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Diaspora Land Purchase with DennKarm Properties Limited

Even when residing outside Kenya, and have an interest of acquiring land, Dennkarm Properties Limited can help you through the process of property acquisition. We will help you through every step of the procedure to ensure that you get your land and all the necessary documentation with ease.

A large number of Kenyans who now live and/or work abroad are eager to return home and make investments. Most of these people intend to invest their money in real estate, especially land. Land has an inherent attraction due to its low maintenance requirements and tendency to appreciate in value over time. Additionally, you have the choice to use the land for a number of other ventures that can generate revenue.

Thus, here’s an easy-to-follow approach if you happen to be residing overseas, have some extra cash, and want to invest in land. Incorporating digital solutions into its overall business plan, DennKarm Properties Limited has taken steps to guarantee that these solutions are accessible 24/7 through a range of communication channels, including social media, email, and phone calls.

When you contact a sales representative via their website or any of their social media accounts—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Twitter, for example—you will receive comprehensive details about the land lots that are up for sale as well as prompt responses to any questions you may have. Following this initial meeting, you will receive a catalog from the sales agent listing every single piece that is being offered for sale at that particular moment. You can choose the land piece that best suits your needs and specifications from this inventory.

After your purchase is finalized, our sales representative will provide you with an updated subdivision map of the land. To confirm the land’s validity and gather all the necessary data, you will need to send a trustworthy representative to the site. A member of your family, a close friend, or just someone you have total faith in could serve as this representative.

Once all the details have been confirmed by your representative and you are happy with the land and ready to proceed with the purchase, Dennkarm Properties Limited will request your identification documents. This will include a copy of your ID, your KRA PIN, three passport-sized photos, and scanned copies of these documents that will be emailed to you. Following this, they will provide you a sales agreement, which you must complete and sign in order for the transaction to be completed.

As long as you use the payment methods that the business has approved, you can now start paying the installments that are outlined in the purchase agreement. You or a designated representative will get an ownership certificate in digital and hard copy form upon the completion of all payments. You will officially be granted ownership rights to the land via this document.

This ownership certificate must be kept secure until the title deed is fully processed. You would be required to pay Sh30,000 to cover the expense of transferring the title when that time comes. Following that, you will have the choice of picking up the title deed yourself or designating a representative to do so on your behalf in the event that an attorney-signed letter of authority is presented. For your convenience, DennKarm Properties Limited is able to provide you with a digital copy of the title deed in addition to a printed copy.

Even though not physically present in Kenya, this comprehensive guide can help motivate pursue land investment. DennKarm Properties Limited is qualified to act on your behalf, so you can rest well knowing that they will take care of everything.

Take your first steps in land ownership in Kenya. With Dennkarm Properties, we will take of everything.

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